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What we do?

HQWebS is a software company that specializes in design and development of outsourced web projects.

How we work?
We provide our clients with customizable service models, which ensure that all clients’ needs are carefully attended and solutions are professionally executed.
How does outsourcing work?

You assign tasks or projects to an external company who will plan, develop, test and deliver them within your budget, timescale and to the quality required.

Why you should use our outsourcing services?

Using our services will help you to:

  1. Focus on core – give you a possibility to focus on business and client relationship
  2. Reduce costs – make you company more competitive and affordable
  3. Improve quality – will make your clients completely satisfied
  4. Foster innovations – increase project's functionality and reliability
What is our approach to software projects?

Main methodology adopted by us consists of seven steps

  • Project Analytics
  • Planning & Specification
  • Software Design
  • Project Development
  • Quality Assurance & Tests
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Maintenance& Sustainability

We can help you in throughout the whole project or complete part of steps chosen by you.


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