Planning & Specification

Website concept development is a necessary preparation stage for a website development project. Although not required, professionally developed website concept guarantees that you will get a website that is exactly right for your business. It prevents you from unwanted site remakes and increases the efficiency of your website.

Main methodology adopted by us consists of seven steps:

Project AnalyticsPlanning & SpecificationWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentQuality Assurance & TestsDeploymentMaintenance & Support

We can complete all steps or a part of steps chosen by you.

Why plan at all?

Planning a web project allows you to:

  • Define and manage the project scope
  • Identify and minimise risks to the project
  • Break the allocated project time into manageable phases and tasks
  • Determine realistic milestones and client-side deadlines
  • Track progress and control the project
  • Secure the necessary resource

It can be easier to work with a website designer to develop a plan and a specification. We find that the end result is improved and mid project changes are minimised if contact us at the start of a project and work together to produce a specification.


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